In 2012 Nick’s Chocolate was founded with the goal of crafting the most delicious and unique single origin chocolate from around the world. Chocolate has long been considered a gift from the gods, a fruit prized so highly by the Mayans and Almec that it was only consumed by the wealthy and traded as a form of currency. Although over the past 100 years the fine flavour cocoa which once made up the majority of cocoa is now on the verge of extinction accounting for a mere 2-3% of global production.

There is now about 14,000 known varieties of cocoa grown throughout the Americas, the Pacific, Asia and Africa. Sourcing cocoa is no easy task, particularly when it comes to finding the now rare fine flavour beans to produce chocolate that will melt your tastebuds. Chocolate’s flavour just like wine or coffee varies from the beans, the region and the processes used to prepare the cocoa and make the chocolate. Some will taste fruity, others spicy but most of all each will be unique.

While flavour is the most important factor in the production of Nick’s Chocolate, there are no additives, preservatives or anything else that doesn’t need to be in there. Each bar has been crafted to underpin the perfect flavour expressed by the beans, which is why you will notice certain things vary between them all. Cocoa is also the most potent natural source of anti-oxidants in the world being six times higher than its closest competitor the Açaí berry, so why not indulge?